Road to RDville: Winding down, revving up

Another crazy week in RDville. I did my orientation for my upcoming 10-week clinical rotation with UW Medicine. I shadowed one of the hospital RDs as she checked on some of the patients on her floor, and shadowed one of the meal hosts as she delivered breakfasts on another floor. I toured the patient kitchen, filled out paperwork, was assigned a locker…and got lost more than once in the depths of the hospital’s basement. It’s easily as mazelike as the UW Health Sciences building.

I have one more week in my current internship rotations. I don’t know where the time went. I had three interesting patients during my one day in my ambulatory rotation last week: The first was a woman with PCOS who’s been trying for several years to get pregnant, while the other two were already pregnant. One was in the early months of pregnancy and had some concerns about nausea and weight gain, and the other was in her third trimester and almost qualified for a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, but not quite. We gave her some ideas for optimizing her nutrition so hopefully her blood sugar levels would improve so she could dodge GD by a wider margin.
On Friday, I went to a very interesting talk on diabulimia  That’s worth a blog post of it’s own…so that’s what I will be writing about for tomorrow! In the meantime, don’t forget that it’s National Nutrition Month!