Road to RDville: An education

Last week was a very varied week in RDville.
  • I attended a group webinar on nutrition-based physical assessment with other dietitians and interns from UWMC. 
  • I was very fortunate to be able to go with my mentor to a presentation on complex eating disorder cases and meet a number of local therapists who specialize in ED. 
  • I made a yummy lentil-kale-chicken sausage soup for a cooking demo during the Food For Fertility class (this is the third time I’ve demoed that soup for FFF…I’ll share the recipe here soon).
  • I gave a talk about celiac disease, type 2 diabetes and weight management for a group of women (and their families) with Turner Syndrome. They were a wonderful group and asked great questions. Very fun!

This week looks to be similarly dynamic. One of the highlights will be my orientation for my core clinical rotation at Harborview Medical Center (that rotation starts next month). My husband came down with norovirus Sunday afternoon, and my second thought (the first being, “You poor thing”) was “I cannot get sick this week…don’t touch anything!” 

I’ve quarantined him, and so far so good. The typical incubation period is 24 hours, which means he likely got infected on a flight he was on Saturday (another reason to hate airplane bathrooms). It also means that I’m probably safe, since more than 24 hours have passed since his symptoms started (at which point he also became contagious), and we’ve both been obsessively careful since then. Still, I am crossing my fingers and knocking on wood. I can’t get sick this week!!!!

In happier news, did you know that it’s National Nutrition Month? Go forth and be nutritious!