Links I Like

Happy Friday! I’m still powering through my “spring break.” Normally, when I have vacation from school, it takes me a while to decompress, then I have to ramp back up again for the new school term. With only two weeks between terms (finals week + actual spring break week) and lots of projects to finish up, I decided to just keep rolling with momentum. Along the way, I did come up with some good links to share:

  • Nice article on supertasters in The Wall Street Journal, “People Who Taste Too Much.” Personally, I don’t know what I would do without kale and Brussels sprouts…
  • One of many reasons why mindful eating is a good practice to cultivate, as reported by The Today Show: “Distracted eaters consume more calories.”
  • Don’t read this Wall Street Journal article when you’re hungry (mmmmm…lamb burgers): “Let Them Eat Fat.”
  • Some people like to blast fruit because it’s high in (natural) sugar, while others (like Weight Watchers devotees) think it’s OK to eat fruit without limits. The truth is somewhere in between, but as the New York Times Well article “Really? People with diabetes should avoid eating fruit” points out, avoiding fruit altogether does not improve blood sugar control.
  • Good article on on “What to do when your child is always hungry.”
Tomorrow is the final Food For Fertility class (sniff!). I don’t know what I’m going to do with my Saturdays. I hope you all have a great weekend…I myself am looking forward to what actually be spring. It better be, considering that I got snowed/sleeted on today! Seriously!