Links I Like

Happy Friday! I can’t believe that Week 2 of my rotation at Harborview is over. In my spare amount of spare time, I have kept up with the nutrition news happenings, and there’s been some real treats this past week or two. Here are my favorites:
  • I’m an advocate of food first, supplements later (and only if you are really sure you need them). There’s been some controversy about the usefulness and safety of calcium supplements for a while now, mostly with regards to cardiovascular health. The New York Times Well blog discusses some of the latest research, and what it may mean for you, in “Thinking Twice About Calcium Supplements.”
  • Food trucks are booming in Seattle and elsewhere around the country, but CNN asks the question, “Are food trucks safe?” I’m reminded of the tales of world travelers who partake of both humble street vendors and four-star hotel restaurants in the far reaches of the globe, and have only gotten sick from the fancy hotels.
  • Are you a tea drinker? If so, you’re not alone, as “Tea’s health benefits boost it’s popularity,” says The Washington Post. I’ve been a tea drinker for decades, although since college it’s taken a backseat to coffee. But both Jeff and I have been drinking a lot more tea lately…partly because it’s a great way to warm up when you keep your house on the cool side!
  • A reminder that I need to eat more salmon, in the form of the New York Times article “A New Endorsement For Fish.
  • I might have picked this next link just for it’s photo, but really, “Banish Winter With the Taste of Spring” is as timely in Seattle as it is in the Northeast. Thank you again, New York Times.
  • Finally, an interesting Mark Bittman article from the New York Times magazine, “Yes, Healthful Fast Foods is Possible. But Edible?
I’ve got a busy, busy weekend, which will lead directly into the annual Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics educational conference. I can’t wait, because I am a total conference nerd. I hope everyone has a great weekend!