Links I like

Happy Friday. Really happy, since it’s 70+ and sunny here in Seattle (I’m not thinking about the fact that it’s supposed to be mid-50s and rainy this weekend…good thing I have a lot of indoor projects planned…including pre-writing some blog posts, hopefully! Until then, here are some good nutrition-related links from the past week:
  • I’m anti-fad diet, and I think the paleo diet can fall into that camp (mostly when people follow it in a knee-jerk manner, rather than a thoughtful, well-planned manner). The Washington Post’s “The paleo diet isn’t necessarily ideal, an evolutionary biologist says,” offers a little more food for thought on the subject.
  • Were you encouraged to be a member of The Clean Plate Club as a kid? Do you encourage your children to also be members? CNN explains why that may not be a healthful club to join, in “Pushing kids to eat may cause obesity later.” For some tips on how to feed kids in a way to maximize the chance that they grow up to become healthy, non-disordered eater, check out Ellen Satter’s books, or her page of links on how to feed children.
  • The Washington Post asks the question, “Is it safe to heat food in plastic?” Um, no, but it’s worth reading the article to find out exactly why. I rarely heat in plastic, but I think I have a few overly re-used plastic containers I need to get rid of…and not replace.
  • And, to continue to profess my love for leafy greens, here are some delicious ways to “Dress up the spring mix” from Oldways.

Have a great weekend!