Links I like

Happy Friday! I had a great week, and am looking forward to a super-productive weekend. I’m also looking forward to spending some quality time on my patio (weekend temps in the mid-to-upper 70s), even if it is with my laptop in tow. Here are some links to get the party started:
  • As an early kick-off to Gluten Week on this blog, check out the Huffington Post article “When to worry about gluten, and why I don’t,” in which I am quoted!
  • If people are people, as I believe that they are, then what’s up with this: “Are doctor’s nicer to thinner patients?The New York Times discusses the results of a recent study out of John’s Hopkins suggesting that doctors engage more fully with “normal weight” patients.
  • Goodbye smoking, hello hummus? According to The Wall Street Journal article “Hummus is conquering America,” growing demand for hummus is spurring some tobacco farmers to convert some of their farmland to chickpeas.
  • I’m all for encouraging more people to cook at home, but the Time article “Are Celebrity Chef’s Recipes Contributing to the Obesity Crisis” poses some good questions. I myself own a number of celebrity chef books (including several by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson), but I have a good sense of the difference between “everyday” recipes and “once in a while” recipes. For healthy everyday recipes, I go for no-recipe cooking (like grilled chicken, roasted veg and a salad) or cookbook authors like Heidi Swanson.
  • One of my goals is to eat on a food stamp budget for a few weeks to find out first hand if it’s possible to eat healthfully (and appealingly) with some very real limits. So I read The Washington Post’sEat healthy and stay on a budget” with interest. The key is smart in-season shopping combined with advance preparation (which doesn’t require much in the way of cooking skills).

Have a great weekend…and a festive Cinqo de Mayo!