Road to RDville: Freaky Friday

Happy Monday! Last week was an intense experience in RDville. I started on a new clinical rotation, on the surgical trauma floor, and let’s just say the patient population there is a little more complicated. I think my knowledge about things that can go wrong with the human body expanded 10-fold. And about half of those things are what one could call “complications” of long-term heroin use. Here’s a public service announcement: Don’t do drugs..and stay in school.
I always work hard in my internship rotations, but I especially worked my behind off last week. It was a complete “take a deep breath and jump in” moment a week ago when I realized I had eight high-risk patients to see, and all of them were brand-new to me. Fortunately, the RD I was working with took two of them, leaving me with a manageable workload. I did see eight patients in a day later in the week, but by then I had already seen some of them once, and was familiar with their charts.
On Friday, as I was walking from the bus stop to the hospital at the unreal hour of 6:30 a.m., I had the surreal feeling that I was in some kind of alternate, parallel universe. One where all semblance of my former life was…gone. I thought about it later (when I had time to think about something other than my patients), and I realized that this term has been the stretch of time that is truly the least “me.” 
I gave up most of my hobbies and interests when I decided to go back to school (which I’m fine with…it won’t be that way forever), but this term I’ve had the least amount of free time I’ve ever had (as gauged by how long my clean laundry sits in a pile before I can fold it, and how many months unread back issues of magazines I have piled next to my bed). To top things off, I’m spending most of my time doing something (inpatient dietetics) that, while deeply interesting and quite educational, is not what I want to do when I graduate.
So, yes, I had a bit of a Freaky Friday experience. And I can honestly say that while I am looking forward to learning a lot more in the last three weeks of this rotation, I’ll be glad when I’m done…and I’m going to really, really enjoy the almost-two-week break before my final nine weeks of internship!