Links I Like

Happy Friday! This is my last weekend of “freedom” before I resume the last 9-week leg of my dietetic internship. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so my plans will likely involve a lovely morning walk along the lake, outdoor grilling, and quality time reading on my patio. For now, here are some interesting nutrition-related tidbits I came across this week:
  • Under the heading of “splitting hairs,” a nice nutrition Q&A in The Washington Post on “High-fructose corn syrup vs. sugar.” The verdict: Don’t obsess about which one to limit the most. Instead, have a blanket policy of keeping intake of all added sugars to reasonable levels.
  • Bullies are bad enough, but bullies who use another child’s food allergy as a weapon? I’ll admit, I was a little horrified. Read the New York Times article, “In bullies’ hands, nuts or milk may be a weapon,” for more.
  • Think your stomach is just for digestion? Think again! I found this Scientific American blog post on “The Sieve Hypothesis” quite fascinating, in part because I saw so many patients last term who had horrible problems with their stomachs.
  • I’m always looking for recipes to help me use up the delicious bottle of pomegranate molasses in my pantry, and the “Red Bean, Herb and Walnut Salad” from Recipes for Health in The New York Times is specifically calling my name. I can’t wait to make it this weekend!
  • I found the CNN article, “Vitamins: Too much of a good thing” was thought provoking. While I think vitamin supplements have their place (such as when there is a known nutrient deficiency), but I generally feel that it’s best to get nutrients from food in order to avoid veering too far the other direction, into excess.

Have a great summer solstice weekend!