Road to RDville: MIA

Greetings. I fell off the map last week…again. I’ve found that tends to happen at the end of term, when things that don’t involve, school, paid work or the eating-sleeping-exercising trifecta tend to get shoved to the deep back burner.
I had a great last week in my clinical rotation with UW Medicine, and it was very strange Sunday night to know that I would not be going back there Monday morning. Of course, I got over it pretty quickly when I rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m. (the time I would have been rolling into the hospital) and went for a picture-perfect, sun-filled walk along Lake Washington. I really, really missed my morning walks.
I finished the last of my assignments for my end-of term portfolio yesterday, and today I present my final case study (on a patient with peptic ulcer disease who ended up in the hospital for more than three months total, requiring two major surgeries on his stomach and small intestines). Then that’s it until June 24, when I start my last nine weeks of internship rotations (three weeks each in management, food service and WIC).
My plans for break include a lot of walks, a lot of cooking, a few massages and one weekend trip (to Las Vegas). I also plan to do as much reading as possible, both fiction (I recently started The Art of Fielding) and non fiction (I have a stack of books on eating disorders that I’m itching to dive into). Oh, and I plan to do a good bit of blogging, too!