Links I Like: 9/27/13

Happy Friday! Do you have fun plans for the weekend? I have my house to myself (well, my dog Dug will be with me), so I’m planning to do some heavy-duty work on my thesis, finish unearthing my turtlenecks and wool coats from storage (fall is here, for real) and catch up on some reading. Speaking of reading, here are some fun and/or thought-provoking nutrition/fitness-related links:

  • Few fruits say “fall” like apples, but where did that whole “An apple a day” saying come from, anyway? And what else should you know about apples?
  • Being physically active during pregnancy is generally considered a good thing, with some caveats. Some people feel that one CrossFitter has gone too far. This story is a good example of why some recommendations are not one-size-fits-all, and also an example of how the very act of getting pregnant seems to open you up to pointed advice from strangers. IMO.
  • Speaking of comments from strangers, it’s a little understood fact that it’s possible to be both obese and anorexic. Yet while strangers will say about a (possibly) emaciated actress or fashion model, “Eat a sandwich,” they will say “good job” if a woman with obesity is trying to lose weight a few nonfat yogurts a day.
  • There have been suspicions for a while that celiac disease and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may be somehow linked. A new study says that they’re not. That’s good news. The study, does not, however answer the question of whether a gluten-free diet can help ASD symptoms. 
  • Are you on the green coffee bandwagon? Consider jumping off. This article is written specifically for women with PCOS, but the information about the lack of science behind these “magic” beans applies to all.

Have a great weekend!