San Francisco Days

I think we walked our legs off last weekend. We trekked all over Golden Gate Park, including the Strybing Arboretum (above), the Conservatory flower gardens, here…

…and here. We netted 12 miles, or 27,298, on Saturday, per my Fitbit.
We also enjoyed the food. Saturday was a shared mini quiche and cranberry walnut scone at the Ferry Terminal Market (with a chaser of samples of salami, prosciutto and mortadella from Boccalone Salumeria). Lunch was a shared sandwich from Boccalone and apples from the farmers market, enjoyed on a bench at the botanical gardens. Dinner was a small shared feast at Bar Tartine:
  • Bread with olive paste in preserved orange oil
  • Blackened salmon with cucumber and buttermilk
  • Smoked potatoes with ramp mayonnaise
  • Chopped vegetable salad with pressed cheese
Alas, no photos (too dark in the restaurant), but the food was divine. And the bread…that bread is no ordinary bread. As I was recently reading in Sunset Magazine, owner/baker Chad Robertson mixes his dough with an insanely high proportion of water, so that the dough is really, really wet when it’s shaped into loaves. Having baked artisan bread, I honestly can’t imagine how they do it. But do it, they do, and the results are worth their effort. Sublime! We skipped dessert because we had a date with Bi Rite Creamery.
Even though our portion sizes were reasonable all day, all the food was fairly rich (those Bar Tartine veggies are not steamed, let me tell you). So we made a game day decision Sunday to cancel our dinner reservations at Delfina and eat more lightly (we will make it to Delfina on another trip). 
We started the day with coffee, apples and a yogurt parfait for breakfast (with plain yogurt, just like we eat at home). Then, we went on another long walkabout along the waterfront to chase down 21st Amendment Brewery
We had sampled their beer a few weeks ago when we purchased a four-pack on the California leg of our crazy West Coast trip. We enjoyed really good beer and sandwiches packed with tons of grilled and fresh veggies (I ordered mine with a salad and ended up not eating all of the bread.
After lots more walking around (about 10 miles total for the day), we ended up at a Whole Foods for dinner from the hot bar. I was craving kale and quinoa, what can I say?