Links I like: 10/18/13

Happy Friday! I’m either getting ready to fly to Houston (or already in the air, depending on what time you’re reading this), but in the meantime, here are some great links I found this week:
  • Food fadism: exposing the gluten myth” further reinforces the reality that most people do not need to avoid gluten. I also appreciated that it talks about how what may appear to be gluten sensitivity is sometimes irritable bowel syndrome (with GS, the problem is with the protein in gluten-containing grains, with IBS, the problem is with the type of carbohydrate in those grains).
  • For boys with eating disorders, finding treatment can be hard” highlights an unfortunate gender disparity in treating eating disorders. Fortunately, loss of menstrual periods is no longer one of the requirements for a diagnosis of anorexia (one reason is because men can develop anorexia, another is that some women manage to keep menstruating at extremely low body weights).
  • Probiotics’ benefits go beyond digestion” was a nice, balanced piece. The only thing they didn’t mention was that foods containing prebiotic fibers can be problematic for many people who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • 10 ways to eat more real food” from Kath Eats Real Food.
  • Finally, “14 questions that could save your life and the planet.”
For those super-alert readers out there, I will not have a column in this Sunday’s Seattle Times, because I swapped slots with one of the other columnists, who had a column that really needed to run this week. That means I will have three columns in November, starting on the 3rd with my planned prenatal nutrition column.