Links I like: 11/8/13

Happy Friday! I’m in sunny Philadelphia for the annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference, “Feminist Relational Perspectives and Beyond: Integrated Approaches to the Complexity of Eating Disorders.” So exciting!
  • Neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt on “How obesity is like nearsightedness.” Suddenly, I’m wishing that I wasn’t such a bookworm as a small child. I’m looking forward to the video of Aamodt’s TED talk to be posted on line (the rumor is not until the spring).
  • Just one reason why stereotyping by healthcare professionals is a bad thing: “Young men may have unrecognized eating disorders.” If doctors, dietitians and nurses assume that men don’t get eating disorder, they aren’t likely to ask the right questions when they see symptoms that could be eating disorder related.
  • One woman’s perspective on health at every size: “Fat People Will Always Exist.”
  • I meant to include this HuffPost post on “Distracted Living” with my multitasking and mindfulness post the other day, but forgot. See, multitasking is not good!
  • I was recently asked to name one fun, free thing. I immediately said “sleep!” Not only is sleep fun, but getting enough of it is vital to good health. That goes for kiddos, too, as a recent study found that “Children eat more after sleeping less.”
I have an On Nutrition column coming up in this Sunday’s Seattle Times (yes, two weeks in a row, there was a little schedule switching going on). Next week, I’ll report on my time in Philly. Have a great weekend!