On Nutrition: Planning for pregnancy

Happy Monday! If you are a parent to be, or know someone who is, please peruse my latest On Nutrition column in yesterday’s Seattle Times, “Nourish your baby-to-be before pregnancy.”

Preconception and prenatal nutrition are topic I care deeply about, because conception and pregnancy are such a critical windows of time for determining the health of not just babies, but of the adults those babies will become. And, while different women experience pregnancy differently, good nutrition can help make those nine months be a healthier and more positive experience. And, as my column explains, good nutrition ideally starts before the nine months of pregnancy begin.

Two fantastic resources on preconception nutrition are Before Your Pregnancy by Amy Ogle, MS, RD, and Lisa Mazzullo, MD, and Eating Expectantly by Bridget Swinney, MS, RD. I met both women at FNCE a few weeks ago and had a chance to talk at more length with Amy about our shared interests in preconception nutrition and epigenetics. She tipped me off to a really exciting project going on in Oregon, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s post. Amy is having a bunch of her books donated to help women who participate in the project, which is fantastic.
I’ve written a number of posts on preconception and prenatal nutrition, listed here for your convenience.

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I also really like My Pregnancy Plate, which I just found on the Oregon Health Sciences Center for Women’s Health website.