Road to RDville: The final stretch

I haven’t done a Road to RDville post for about a month (since FNCE), and that, coupled with an acute case of writer’s block, means that it’s time for a new one!
I blame my writer’s block on the fact that I had three On Nutrition columns this month (on November 3 and 10, and one coming up next Sunday) and that I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few weeks trying to write about numbers. And not just any numbers…numbers like adjusted R square and F change and partial correlations and standard deviations.
Yes, I am in the home stretch of my thesis. While playing with the data numbers in my statistical software was way more fun than I expected (Scatterplots! Histograms!), writing about those numbers has been tedious and a touch painful. I not sure if the fact that I am a writer makes the process better, or worse!
Anyhoo, I am so close to being done, and that reality is barely starting to sink in. I hand off my “nearly final” draft to my thesis committee today. From there, it’s final touchups and preparing for my actual thesis defense in a few weeks, which includes a 40-minute PowerPoint presentation. I had two hypotheses in my thesis, one of which reached statistical significance, one of which resoundingly did not. I’m fine with that, because research shouldn’t be about being right, it should be about asking questions, finding answers, then using those answers to ask new questions.
Once my thesis is defended and submitted electronically to the Graduate School, I’ll be in limbo for a few weeks. Once the term is officially over, and everyone in my cohort who is graduating this term is deemed officially graduated, our names are sent off to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and we wait a few more weeks for the official word that we have met all of our requirements and can register to take the RD exam. If all goes well, I should be an RDN in about two months.
This term has felt surreal…like I’m a student but not a student. No more internship, no more classes, just me, working on my thesis, visiting campus only when I need to meet with my statistics consultant. I am overwhelmingly glad for four years of school (grad school + two years of science prerequisites) to be wrapping up, but I’m going to miss it, too!