Road to RDville: So close!

Greetings! My apologies for a weeklong absence. Time got sucked away last week into the vortex known as preparing for my thesis defense (I had a column deadline, too, which was not the best timing). Which was all well worth it, because my defense was Friday morning, and I passed, which means I get to graduate! If I haven’t mentioned, my thesis was on the association between parental praise for healthy eating and activity behaviors and child weight outcomes in a pediatric obesity study.
After a weekend of using my computer only to watch season 5 of “True Blood”* while I cooked and cleaned closets and edited the content of bookcases and file cabinets, I spent yesterday making a few requested edits to my thesis. I now await sign-off on the final draft so I can submit it electronically and turn in paperwork to the graduate school, which has to be done by EOD this Friday. Then, I will officially graduate.
I plan to spend the next few weeks cooking, baking, cleaning out my email, reading a few books I promised to review, celebrating Christmas with family and, yes, blogging. And then I will start studying for the RD exam in earnest.
*Balanced by evening viewings of Season 1 of “Modern Family,” which Jeff is watching with me…he  thinks “True Blood” jumped the shark in Season 2.