9 hours in San Francisco

I was happy to have the chance to escape the January gloom again this weekend, this time via a day trip to San Francisco. I’ll never get tired of walking along the waterfront. We started the morning with pastries from Frog Hollow Farm at the Ferry Terminal Market. Jeff had a blueberry turnover that must have contained a pint of blueberries, I swear. I had this cherry-almond scone, which to my delight was not overly sweet.
It’s easy to be jealous of California farmer’s markets this time of year, when Seattle’s bounty is so far, far away.
While it’s hard to pack home produce, it’s easy to pack home bread. It’s not like we can’t find awesome artisan bread in Seattle, but we always buy a few loaves from Acme when we’re in San Fran (sometimes more than a few). We cut them in half, wrap them really well (plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil followed by a freezer bag) and spread out the joy until our next trip.
We enjoyed a sunny walk along the waterfront to the stadium area, where we popped into 21st Amendment Brewery for beer…
…and lunch. I had an amazing housemade veggie burger (on a bun that was actually worth eating), while Jeff had a beef burger. Salads instead of fries on the side (I love it when restaurants have this option).
We had plans for an early dinner at Limon Rotisserie before we hopped back on BART to head to the airport, but we weren’t hungry, so with regrets we canceled our reservations. But at least we have something extra to look forward to next time!