Road to RDville: Test day

Big news…I passed the registered dietitian exam this morning! Even though I passed with lots to room to spare, scorewise, I was shaking during most of the test, and for about an hour afterwards. I hate multiple choice exams…give me an essay test or term paper any day.
Even though I know I passed, I have to wait a few weeks to get official notification from the Commission on Dietetic Registration before I can apply to the state for certified dietitian (CD) status. This is really important for me, because I’m applying for outpatient dietitian jobs that would need to bill insurance under my name. No CD, no insurance billing.
I’m still waiting for the excess adrenaline to leave my system. This is almost exactly how I felt after defending my thesis. All this buildup and anticipation, then suddenly the critical event is over, but the body is slow to catch up. I should have scheduled a massage!