Links I like: 2/14/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Odds are I’m thousands of miles up in the air as you’re reading this, heading to chilly Philadelphia (I almost said “chilly Philly” but just couldn’t…oh, wait, I just did) for a weekend getaway. Yeah, Philly in February, the day after a winter storm warning…we’re crazy like that. I’m actually quite excited. I’ve been to Philly twice in the last 18 months, both times for conferences, and really saw little of the place. And, hey! I had my act together enough to gather some links for you before I left!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and watch for my “On Nutrition” column in Sunday’s Seattle Times. It’s part 1 of 2 on saturated fats, in honor of American Heart Month (part 2 will be the following Sunday).