Greetings from RDville: Happy RDN Day!

Happy RDN day to all RDs and RDNs! It seemed appropriate to do an RDville post today, because there’s lots going on here. A few weeks ago I launched my own nutrition counseling and coaching practice, scheduling both in-person sessions (for clients in the Seattle area) and virtual sessions via Skype or phone (for anyone). 
I am still job hunting, because I would like my practice to be smaller venture for now. I’m busy developing a talk on sugar that I’ll be giving later this month on behalf of the Hope Heart Institute, and I’m writing an “On Nutrition” column on anorexia that I’m very excited about. You can look forward to that in the March 23 Seattle Times. I also have a column in this Sunday’s Times.
I have a big trip planned for early April, and before I go I will be sending out the first edition of my e-newsletter (the theme is “Spring Cleaning”), so if you haven’t signed up for my e-mail list, you can do it right now in the signup box in the sidebar (right below the gorgeous tomatoes and cucumbers) or on my website home page.
You’ll receive an opt-in email, and then a confirmation e-mail with the link to the PDF download “5 Keys to Mind-Body Wellness,” which I put together. It’s very pretty, and the information is great, too (if I do say so myself)! Rest assured that I will only send out the monthly newsletter, and maybe one other e-mail each month if there’s something update-worthy. I know I get a lot of e-mail, and I’m sure you do, too!