Greetings from RDville: Before and after

Hello! Things got a little crazy around here all of the sudden. Last week, I learned I would soon have a lot more freelance writing assignment coming my way, which is great, and this week, my office at Northwest Natural Health was finally ready for me to move into, which is extra great, and has taken up a big chunk of time the last few days.
Above, you see my hand-me-down desk, and my “wall of fame.” Below, is the before shot:
Actually, there was a before “before,” when this room was filled with a bunch of equipment, most of which was cleared out when I snapped this photo. 
Here’s a section of my HUGE hand-me-down bookcase (I knew they had found a bookcase for me, but I was thrilled to walk in yesterday and see this beauty. It houses my display of whole grains + lentils, some nice framed urban gardening postcards (in the style of the old Victory Garden posters) and lots of books (this shot doesn’t capture the big behemoth books on the shelf below).
Side view of my desk. When no one’s in the room on the other side of that curtain, I  can slide it aside to have a lovely view of boats going to and fro on Shilshole Bay.
Not huge, but big enough to meet my needs, and I’m happy to have it. It’s been a very good week, and it’s only Tuesday!
Heads up that I am currently seeing private pay patients, and will soon be accepting insurance. If you would like to make an appointment with me, you can call the Northwest Natural Health appointment line at 206-784-9111 or sign up for email updates regarding insurance availability via the form at the bottom of the nutrition counseling page on my website.