The Boom is booming!

In April, I posted about my plans to “Grow Some Boom” (aka, grow my own Boomchickapop popcorn) with seeds from Angie’s Popcorn. Well, I planted the seeds June 1, and while I’m not sure they’ll quite be knee-high by the Fourth of July, they are definitely shin high!
Quite the hale and hearty looking seedlings…if I can even call them that anymore. They are quite approaching full-fledged plant status.

I didn’t have a lot of room to dedicate to my Boom, but I did plant two rows, and was able to use all but a few seeds in the packet. They’ve been very low-effort…we already had drip irrigation set up, and I’ve been keeping on top of weeds as they sprout and pop up (unlike the last few years…things got ugly out here).
It’s been a good spring for vegetable gardening in Seattle. If I don’t walk back to my veggie patch for two days, I swear everything has doubled in size on me. I’ve already had radishes, peas and more lettuce than a hundred bunnies could eat. Haricots verts, tomatoes, carrots and beets will be ready soon, and my squash plants are starting to flower.
And, Little Bob, my sweet Blue Wyandotte hen, has finally gotten over her annual broody spell (I keep telling her, “You are not having any babies…you’ve never even known a rooster’s touch.”) and is laying her tiny eggs again. Either that, or a robin got into the henhouse.