Greetings from RDville: Biding my time

Happy Monday! Its been a while since my last RDville post, and not a lot has changed. I’m seeing some private-pay patients at Northwest Natural Health, but the wheels of the insurance credentialing process are grinding sloooooowly. It will take longer than I thought to be able to accept insurance, but I learned that the anticipated timeframe is actually typical, so it can’t be helped.
I’ve been pretty lucky to not have had many problems dealing with insurance as a patient, so maybe this lengthy process* of dealing with insurance as a potential provider is the universe’s way of balancing things out. Oh, well. As a reminder, if you want to get on my email list to be notified when I start accepting insurance, you can sign up here. (The form is at the bottom of the page.)
On a happier note, I am finalizing plans for some classes I will be offering starting in August. I’ll post details here as soon as things are nailed down, probably later this week!
* Speaking of lengthy processes, I’m currently stuck in a walking boot (well, more of a shoe, really) with no idea of how long I’ll have to be in it. I had to practically yell down the hall after the doctor I saw (for all of like 10 minutes) to find out. “Good question,” he said. “Gee, you think?” I thought. The answer? If I have a stress fracture (not likely but possible) it could be six weeks! Otherwise, probably two weeks. I injured my foot three weeks ago walking barefoot on the beach for eight miles. It wasn’t bad at first, but steadily got worse over the next week with walking, and I walk a lot…or at least I did. I felt a little twitchy this weekend when I couldn’t take my dog for a nice long walk, as I usually would. I’m pretty much stuck with upper body weight lifting and some very careful yoga until my foot improves, so I really hope it’s not a stress fracture!