Minimalism and managing recipe overload

I’ve been on a de-cluttering kick lately, in all areas of my life. Shopping my closet, shopping my pantry, asking myself if I’m really going to read/re-read all of the books on my bookshelves. Lots of things are finding their way to the garage sale and eBay holding areas in our basement, or to the recycle bin. 
Last weekend, I took a look at my mammoth stash of Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Food & Wine back issues and decided that all issues that pre-date this millennium really need to go (after I look through them first). After all, my love affair with French green lentils began with a Food & Wine recipe circa 1998, and I would cry big tears of despair if that recipe was lost.
I’ve also resolved to stop checking out cookbooks from the library for a while (at least for the month of September, then we’ll see). I have over 200 cookbooks that I’ve already decided that I can’t part with (I do pose the question to myself now and then), and I need to start using them more.
With that goal in mind, I was delighted to see the Chocolate & Zucchini post, “How to make the most of your cookbook collection.” I especially like the idea of the monthly challenge: pick one cookbook each month and cook X recipes from it.
I’ve also benefitted hugely…seriously…from the Unclutterer post, “Nine questions to help unclutter your recipes.” I have more than one of these full of recipes:

I’ve been using the tips to pare down before I start ripping through those 20th century cooking magazines! The nice thing is, along with the duds I’ve been culling, I’ve been unearthing some real gems!