Greetings from RDville: Feels like fall

Happy Monday! If you live in Seattle, you are all too aware that the weekend felt like summer, but today feels decidedly like fall. I even wore a puffer vest over my sweater-skirt ensemble for my morning walk-train-bus-walk commute.
It’s fine with me, because I love fall, especially when we have our normal fall weather, which is cool in the morning and evening, warm in between. Good for commuting, good for sleeping.
I also love fall because fall is conference season! This will be my third year attending the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE), which I’m excited about. With all the networking and education opportunities, it’s worth every penny. I come home each year with my head full of new knowledge and ideas, and my carry-on full of business cards from people I’ve met. It’s in Atlanta this year, which is a city I’ve never visited, so that’s a bonus.
I’m also thrilled to be able to attend the Renfrew Center Foundation For Eating Disorders annual conference in Philadelphia for the second year. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go this year, what with my practice just getting off the ground, but the Renfrew folks invited me to attend as media and blog about it (here’s last year’s post), so that helped it fit into my conference budget!
I’m putting the finishing touches on plans for some free classes I’ll be offering later this fall at Northwest Natural Health on the role of nutrition in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. I hope to have the details up on my website soon.
If you’re a Seattle-area dietitian, be sure to sign up for the Greater Seattle Dietetic Association’s fall kickoff event, to be held next Tuesday (September 16) at 21 Acres in Woodinville. There’ll be good food, good wine, and a great continuing education program presented by 21 Acres’ resident RD. The deadline to buy tickets is Friday, September 12.