The weight of words

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy and value Marie Forleo’s “Marie TV” videos, but they aren’t something that I would usually share on this blog because they’re not within the scope of what I write about. However, I felt her recent interview with writer, actor and comedian Maysoon Zayid was worth sharing. I was not previously familiar with Zayid, but I now consider myself a fan. Not only is she funny and smart, she presents a viewpoint worth listening to on what it means to be disabled in America, and in Hollywood.
The video is more than 27 minutes long, all of it worth watching, but the part that made me decide to post it here comes right after the 15:00 mark, when she talks about the attention she received after she gave a her TED talk “I got 99 problems…palsy is just one.” While much of the attention was good, a stunning amount of it consisted of attacks on her weight, which nearly did a number on her head. I appreciated her comments on what it means to be judged for what we look like instead of what we are talking about, as well as why her detractors tried to use weight as a weapon.