Links I like: Black Friday edition

Happy (Black) Friday! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving (if that’s a holiday you partake in). I’ve finished my Black Friday shopping already…I hit my local Goodwill at 8 a.m. (I come from a long, proud line of second-hand shoppers) and then moseyed down the road to Uwajimaya to pick up some produce and other sundries. I am so excited about this one in particular:

Frozen minced lemongrass! I learned about this from Christina Arokiasamy when I cooked with her last week (I need to finish writing my column about it as soon as I publish this post). I love lemongrass but rarely cook with it because fresh lemongrass can be pricy and mincing it is a pain in the behind. This is one culinary shortcut that will be SO worth it. Of course, I’m looking at Thankgiving leftovers for the next few days, but then I plan to delve into some Southeast Asian recipes. In the meantime, here are some links I’ve collected over the past week:

Have a great weekend!