Greetings from RDville: Menu for Change

Happy Monday! Well, I now have business cards for my new job, so I decided I had better get around to writing that I-have-a-new-job post I’ve been alluding to.

I’d been considering finding a part-time job since late last fall, because even though I love what I’m doing at Northwest Natural Health, I just wasn’t busy enough. I’d put out a few feelers, but that had been about it. Then one Friday last month, and eating disorder therapist I’d met for coffee recently sent me an “I don’t know if you’re looking for anything, but this job might be up your alley” sort of email (behold the power of networking). Well, it was right up my alley, and now here I am, the dietitian for the Menu for Change program at the Polyclinic.

Menu for Change is a small, program for individuals with weight concerns that’s scientifically based with a whole foods focus. We consider not just how you eat and move your body, but how you’re sleeping, managing stress and generally taking care of yourself. The RD who I took over for (she was moving to another state) said it was her dream job, and now it’s my dream job. I’ve been seeing patients for two weeks now, and I love it. I work with great people, my patients are terrific, and I get to fully immerse myself into nutrition-related topics that are of professional and personal interest to me, including intuitive eating, mindful eating and health at every size.

I also love working downtown again, as it’s an easy commute via Link Light Rail and I can occasionally meet my husband for lunch, depending on my patient schedule. The photo at the top of the post is the view from my office. When it’s clear I have peekaboo views of the Olympic mountains and Elliot Bay. I’m at the Polyclinic Tuesday-Friday, and at Northwest Natural Health on Mondays and a few partial Saturdays each month.

If you live in the Seattle Area and have been struggling with your weight and health, I encourage you to visit the Menu for Change website and see if it might be a good fit for you. It’s not about dieting, it’s about empowerment, gentle accountability and lasting change.