Links I Like: 5.29.15

Happy Friday! It feels like summer has arrived in Seattle…at least until Monday, when Juneuary sets in (rain and cooler temps). But I’ll take it! (Side note: When I was in Las Vegas last week for a conference, on one day it was mid-60s and hailing, while in Seattle it was 75 and sunny!)
Our whirlwind travels of the last month-plus (one month ago, we were happily ensconced in Paris) are over, wrapping up with a camping trip last weekend near Mt. Rainier (photo below). I was thrilled to have no email access and no cell phone reception…it gave me time to relax and read and think and plan. Just what I needed!

And now, on to the links:

I have an On Nutrition column (topic: food addiction) in this Sunday’s Seattle Times, fyi. Have a great weekend!