On Nutrition: Healthy Summer Gatherings

Happy Monday! My latest On Nutrition column, “5 tips for healthful eating at summer gatherings” ran in yesterday’s Seattle Times. Check it out!
This column was inspired both by my own experience of being at summer food-related gatherings (backyard barbecues, picnics, campouts) where hotdogs, hamburgers, cheap white buns, potato chips and soda were plentiful, and vegetables were scarce, or absent altogether. That’s a one-way ticket to feeling bloated and gross!
It was also inspired by the many patients and clients I’ve had who worried about what food would be available at one of these gatherings–or were pleasantly surprised when the fare ran to salmon, salads and fresh fruit. When you’re trying to consistently eat healthier, but those around you are not, it can be a bit difficult.
When you are a guest at someone’s barbecue, you can always bring a healthy, veggie-centric dish to share. When you’re the one hosting, why not serve food that’s healthful, delicious, and still fitting for a festive summertime occasion! Even if your guests don’t thank you outright, they’ll probably be glad they don’t end up in a food coma!