An Experiment With Less: Week 3

Week Three of my little challenge was completely uneventful. No alcohol, other than a sip of Jeff’s wine over the weekend. No sugar, other than whatever trace amounts were in the wonderful homemade dishes at the Menu for Change third anniversary party/potluck yesterday. Dozens of current and former patients came, and the food was fantastic. 
I made the conscious decision to have a bit of bread with good cheese over the weekend, and savored every bite. And I had no highly processed foods (I’m not counting lightly processed foods like Larabars, hemp hearts, cheese, etc.). The photo is from dinner the other night: homemade beef and quinoa meatballs with homemade tomato sauce over yellow crookneck squash (from our garden) sauteed with onion and garlic. Who needs pasta?
Honestly, I didn’t even think about it that much this week, and that’s mostly because I don’t eat a lot of sugar/flour/highly processed foods to begin with. Plus, after last week’s “discussion,” no desserts have passed into my house. Any cravings have been vague and fleeting, and are almost always based on visual stimuli, like when I go to buy a coffee and am faced with the pastry case. Because I rarely buy a sweet to have with my coffee, the pull was weak, which might not be the case if I had a strong association with coffee and cookies are scones (much how some people have a strong association with movie theaters and popcorn or snacking while watching TV). 
So far, I think the most important thing that has come out of this experiment was my renewed clarity of the importance of my home food environment (practicing what I preach), and putting the kibosh on my husband bringing home “something sweet” on impulse after wandering through the Whole Foods bakery (he works right next to a Whole Foods, and is in there at least once a day). Once my experiment is over, I look forward to having a planned sweet treat once a week, but these past few weeks have shown me that I don’t need more than that, and won’t miss it.