An Experiment With Less: Week 4

This is the week in which I caved and had a few beers…and a few martinis. Interestingly, it’s also the week in which my supply of kombucha ran out, which sort of confirms what I and many of my patients have experienced: When you are trying to limit alcohol, kombucha makes a satisfying “mocktail.” I mean, I love my San Pellegrino, but sometimes it just doesn’t make me stop looking longingly at my husband’s glass of wine.
My week included a bit of flour (some good baguette, homemade corn tortillas at dinner last night) and, yes, some sugar, in the form of one scoop of (artisan) ice cream Tuesday night after a dinner out with my inlaws. It was yummy (salted caramel), but I’ll admit that I didn’t sleep very well that night. (Oddly, I managed to have a really good 5 a.m. weight lifting session Wednesday in spite of that.)
My kombucha supply is restocked, and there is no sugar on my horizon for the rest of the week. I’m taking some vacation time next week, and there will be beer and wine, and some good bread (but not too much), but I don’t plan to have any sugar. I’ve realized how many desserts just aren’t worth it. There are Danishes on my kitchen counter right now (not by my doing) and they are not appealing at all. 
My consumption of highly processed foods was never high, so that didn’t change a lot, but since reading Pandora’s Lunchbox over the last month or so, there are some foods/ingredients I don’t intend to every willingly ingest again (soybean oil for one, hotdogs, even “high-quality” ones, for another). I’m also doubling down on avoiding added sugar whenever possible in processed foods I do eat. On that note, have you seen the trailer for “That Sugar Film”?
Read more about the film in the New York Times article, “What Eating 40 Teaspoons of Sugar A Day Can Do To You.”