Links I Like: 8.14.15 (The Coke Edition)

Cartoon from The Boston Globe
Happy Friday! In some ways, I think there was only one real nutrition story this week, and that was Coca Cola’s heavy-handed funding of “scientific research” that lays the blame for increasing obesity rates on declining physical activity. In other words, Coke can be part of a healthy, physically active lifestyle. Sure, if you are physically active and rarely drink sugar-sweetened sodas, there may be no adverse effects (I myself have maybe one soda a year and honestly feel a little icky afterwards).

The irony is that Coke’s marketing campaigns are not designed to get you to drink their products only once in a while. No, they want to turn users into even heavier users, and bring non-users over to the dark side. Even worse, they are trying to imply that when it comes to health and a healthy weight, diet doesn’t matter. Pardon my French, but that’s a load of bull. Nutrition and physical activity are both critical to health and a healthy weight. Without further ado:

In semi-related news:

A follow up of sorts from last week’s On Nutrition column on trans fats:

My next On Nutrition column (more of an article, this week), “5 healthy meal-delivery services in Seattle taste-tested” was released online a bit early (accidentally, I think…my editor is on vacation). On Monday, I’ll have a Q&A with Kendal of Kendal’s Kitchen, plus details of an unexpected, life-enhancing, benefit from Kendal’s soup, as experienced by one customer. Stay tuned, and have a lovely weekend!