On Nutrition: What’s in your coffee drink?

Happy Monday! If you didn’t read my latest On Nutrition column, “The truth about what’s in your coffee drink,” in Sunday’s Seattle Times check it out while you enjoy a nice cup of joe. See, contrary to what some commenters have said* I’m not telling people to not drink coffee, in fact, depending on what time you’re reading this, I may be drinking coffee right now.** 

Oh, and here are some coffee-related links:

* This is heresay, because I never read my comments on my columns. I did hear that for this week’s column, someone found a way to work the Sonics into the conversation. Huh?
**I f my husband gets between me and the coffee pot in the morning before I’ve had my first cup, I remind him that he is in a very dangerous and precarious position. I take my coffee unsweetened with milk, preferably whole milk but 2% or a light splash of half-and-half will do in a pinch. I have maybe two Frappucinos a year..of the tall light coffee variety. My usual hot-weather go-to is iced coffee, unsweetened with milk. Once in a while I have a latte, with no syrup. Or a cappuccino. If I want to go light on the caffeine, I get an Americano instead of brewed coffee. I also have one Starbucks eggnog latte a year, but with the eggnog stuff cut with extra milk and with extra shots of espresso to further reduce the sugar content. I had a Pumpkin Spice latte once about five years ago, but that same night ended up being rushed to the emergency room via ambulance with give-me-a-bullet-to-bite-on-pain and a need for major surgery a week later…the association between the two otherwise totally unrelated events firmly put me off Pumpkin Spice lattes, but to be fair I didn’t think they were very good, anyway. I do however miss the Vanilla Spice lattes they had for one season a few years ago. I love coffee (sigh).