Links I Like: 9.25.15

Happy Friday! Two quick heads up: One, this week is a “bye week” for my On Nutrition column in The Seattle Times, so when you don’t see a new one, that’s why (you can always peruse my archives, though), and two, I anticipate that my new website/blog will go live sometime in the next week (I’m integrating my Blogger blog and my Squarespace website into a WordPress combo), so if you visit one day and things look totally different, that would be why. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly (so far it’s looking good). Now on to today’s main event…links!
In other news, I was horrified when my husband sent me this screen shot of my blog with the subject line “Nice ad on your blog” and the query “Are you taking $$$ from Coke now?”

Not good, especially in light of the brouhaha that erupted on Twitter last week when Coke, under fire of late due to questionable research funding, decided in the interest of transparency to publish the list of health professionals and scientific experts that it has given money to. (My favorite tweet was something about how Coke’s idea of transparency is “We’re going down, and we’re taking all of you with us.”) There are many dietitians on the list, including some I know personally. I would never take a dime from any soda company, and had no idea that BlogHer had placed a Coke ad on my blog.

Ironically, the ad appeared on the very day my ad contract with BlogHer was set to end (I’ve decided not to run ads on my blog at all, and with my pending blog migration it was easier to just cut ties). I promptly went into the guts of the blog and removed the html code that allows ads to run. Problem solved!