Links I Like: 9.18.15 + On Nutrition

Happy Friday! I’m off to IFBC 2015 this evening, for fun, frivolity and networking with other food bloggers. I’m also working on my blog/website redesign (well, more like supervising my husband as he redesigns it), which I need to launch by the end of the month. Exciting times. Also exciting? Some of the links I uncovered this week:
Speaking of my patients, it was one of my patients who inspired my latest On Nutrition column, “Perimeter of grocery stores no longer a safe haven,” after she complained that there was a cookie display in the produce section of her grocery store. (The column is live on The Seattle Times site, it will appear in the Sunday print edition.)

I’ll be tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming about IFBC the next few days, and will have wrap-up posts Monday and Tuesday. Have a great weekend!