Links I Like: 01.14.16

LIL_Week2Happy Friday…or not. I am personally in mourning for both David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I think Alan Rickman’s death hit me the hardest. When my husband texted me about it this morning, my response was, “Noooooooooo!” I loved Alan Rickman as baddies Severus Snape (the Harry Potter films), Hans Gruber (Die Hard) and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) as much as I did his in his good-guy roles as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, Harry in Love Actually (OK, he wasn’t 100 percent a good guy in this one) and the role that sold me on him hook, line and sinker, Jamie in Truly Madly Deeply (if you have never seen this film, you must!). Anymore, I feel like death before age 70 is far, far too young to die, so this week’s death of two extremely talented individuals while still in their prime is especially tragic.

And that’s enough of that. Now on to the week’s nutrition and wellness links:

I’m off to Hawaii for the long holiday weekend (and my birthday weekend), so no post on Monday, and no On Nutrition column this week either (it’s my bye week). I’ll be back Wednesday with a recipe post, and my column on January 24 will talk about what’s good, bad and ugly about the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Have a great weekend!