Links I Like: 2.5.16

LIL_Week1Happy Friday! Do you have plans for Super Bowl Sunday? In my household, it’s one of the two times per year we eat fried chicken (from Ezell’s). We usually do it once in the summer, too, but we actually never got around to it last summer. It’s an indulgence I always look forward to, and enjoy while eating it, but then am happy to wait another six months (or a year, as the case may be). Since the weather should be far from icky this weekend (hey, I’ll happily take sunny and 55!), I see some long walks on the agenda, too.

And, if you are in the market for a few tasty-but-healthier SuperBowl recipes, these caught my eye:

Have a a great weekend, may the best team win, and wish me luck as I take my new pressure cooker for its first test run (I’m sure it’s not rocket science, but the first time using a new appliance generally has some degree of a learning curve).