Start Spring Strong!

FitnessBlitzHave you been as active as you would like this winter? Many people aren’t, unless you live where the weather is fine year round. Well, there’s just 3+ weeks left before the official start of spring, so why not get a head start on your fair-weather fitness goals.

Clay Fife of PR Fitness Systems is a personal trainer who leads group core strength classes for some of my patients at Menu for Change, and I have a few patients who work with him individually. To say they rave about him is an understatement.* Clay has put together a 21-day Fitness Blitzkrieg to help get you moving and inspired. Here are the details:

  • Starting Saturday, February 27, 2016, one workout a day will be posted to a private Facebook group (you can also have it emailed to you).
  • Each workout will be around 10-15 minutes long (you can do extra rounds of it if you want). No special equipment is needed (so you can do the workouts just about anywhere).
  • YouTube videos will be provided for many of the exercises.
  • You have 24 hours to complete the workout, and when you complete it you mark it off on the provided calendar. If you don’t complete it, you have to complete it twice the next day…plus that day’s workout! (No non-medical excuses accepted!)
  • Cost is only $21 (a measly $1 per workout).

Interested? Email Clay asap at

I’ve signed up, as have most of the Menu for Change staff. Perfect timing, because my workout routine was starting to feel a little stale!

*  I love it that a guy who’s done mixed martial arts and is into Crossfit can also completely meet a client where they are at, in terms of age, current fitness level, past fitness experience and any injuries/impediments. Based on some of the horror stories I hear, that is rare!