Links I Like: 6.10.16

Nutrition NewsHappy Friday! For those of you who have been asking for more photos of my kitchen remodel, I’m sorry to say that the progress to date isn’t dramatic enough to photograph (patching of cracks in the ceiling and holes in the wall and such). More dramatic is the fact that UPS sent Jeff an email this morning saying that they have record of receiving our new kitchen cabinets from the manufacturer (who partners with Costco), but that they can’t locate them. Awesome! We’ll see how this plays out. I must say, we have had the WORST time getting anything large delivered from Costco (don’t even ask me about the drama of getting our new stove last year), especially when they use local freight delivery companies. That said, no lives have been lost, and I’m sure it will all get sorted out…eventually. In the meantime, links!

Have an extra-fabulous weekend!