Links I Like: 6.17.16

LIL_Week3Happy Friday! Boy, am I glad to be back in Seattle, where the weather is quite pleasant at the moment. Two days ago, I was in central Indiana in a huge tent in a field in 88-degree humid weather (one Midwest local referred to the humidity as “the air you can wear”), waiting for Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to speak. My small group of Seattleites had staked out a spot in front of the large fans and were rubbing the backs of our necks with ice, but, to paraphrase the Cole Porter song, it was still too darn hot.

Anyhoo, I’m glad to be back home, because there’s no place like it, even with our slowly progressing kitchen remodel. Jeff did some drywalling last weekend, and now that UPS finally located our cabinets, the retiling of the floor can commence. Photos are below, but first, some links:

Have a fabulous weekend!

Our new cabinets (still with their protective wrapping). They were actually very poorly packaged and had some minor damage, so we need to seek some partial compensation, but we will make them work. We bought them via the Costco website, fyi.
I want it noted for the record that even though Jeff spent most of last Sunday drywalling, he still found time to bake bread. That’s a loaf-to-be rising on the countertop (he had it covered with a towel prior to this photo), and that’s our portable stone mill next to it (the wooden contraption).