Links I Like: IFBC 2016 Edition

IFBC 2016 Sacramento

Happy Friday! I’m in sunny Sacramento this weekend for the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC). I flew in this morning from sunny Seattle, and almost missed this stunning view of Mt. Rainier (I had just received the all-clear to power up my laptop and was busy with that):

Seattle Alaska Air Mt Rainier

Fortunately, I glanced out the window in the nick of time. So what am I most excited about at this year’s IFBC? Well, tonight’s food tastings from local Sacramento-area restaurants and businesses, naturally, and ditto for tomorrow’s outdoor (in the shade, blessedly) farm-to-fork feast.

I’m also excited about olives! Specifically, an olive and wine reception (“Come Taste the Divine”), a separate session about some of the world’s olive-growing regions, with tastings, and a session all about olive oil, with blind tastings. Since I’m big on the Mediterranean diet (see a few articles I’ve written here and here) learning more about olives and olive oil from California and elsewhere has been on my to-do list. I’ll post more about my experience next week.

From a writerly point-of-view, I’m looking forward to a session about “putting flavor into words,” since that’s an aspect of my writing that I want to enhance. And then there’s simply all the interesting bloggers I meet in sessions, in between sessions, and waiting for the elevator 😉

In the spirit of the conference, this weeks links will have a foodie bent. Enjoy!

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!