Links I Like: 8.4.16

LIL_Week1 nutrition newsHappy Friday! I’m so glad to be at home in Seattle this weekend with no need to leave the house other than to go for walks. And pick out kitchen counters (the remodel is coming along slowly, but it’s coming along*).

Have a lovely weekend!

* See that thick black pipe behind the cut-out drywall in the photo below? That’s the former location of our magnetic knife strip. A few days after Jeff removed the knife strip, and it’s screws, so he could repaint (you can see the new light blue-gray color in the photo), I went to lift weights in my basement gym and noticed a huge puddle, which had also seeped under the interlocking foam mats I have around my weight benches. Not what you want to discover at 5:30 a.m. Turns out the stud finder Jeff used when first putting up the knife block identified the pipe as a stud, and the screws had been plugging up the holes in the pipe ever since. (They were dead center in that pipe, too.) The screws come out, and every time someone used the upstairs bathroom sink or shower, water started pouring out and down to the basement. Good thing we have some extra drywall lying around (we had to pay a plumber to replace the section of pipe, but at least Jeff can do the drywall fix himself)!