Links I Like: 8.26.16

nutrition newsHappy Friday! Today appears to be the last of the hot summer weather, and I for one am glad! I’m itching to make soups, roasts, braises and other dishes that require heating up the oven (and by extension, the kitchen), and 90-degree weather is not amenable to that. Of course, neither is having a kitchen where the oven is sporadically moved to the dining room to facilitate floor tile installation, but I digress. It’s getting harder and harder to use our kitchen (and it will get exponentially worse in a week) but we are in the home stretch! Now, some nutrition news for your weekend reading:

Lack of self-care, and lack of personal boundaries, or both, is something I see a lot in friends, family and patients. With that in mind:

Have a fabulous (or relaxing, or whatever you need it to be) weekend!