Links I Like: 8.12.16

Nutrition NewsHappy Friday! It’s another glorious summer weekend in Seattle, so I hope you have something fun planned (same goes if you don’t live in Seattle. I’ll be writing and (hopefully) gardening and squeezing in some cooking around Jeff’s continued progress on our kitchen renovation.* I think we’ll be starting in on Season 2 of “The Americans,” too. Loved Season 1, and need to get caught up! But meanwhile…links!

* Quite a few people have expressed distress on my behalf on how long our kitchen remodel is taking. Rest assured…we have not been without a working kitchen. Our dining room table is squashed into our living room, our dining room is a staging area full of dropcloths and sawhorses and half the contents of a hardware store, and our kitchen floor is currently plywood (and there’s been dust, so much dust), but we have countertops, a functioning sink and working appliances!

The kitchen is repainted, our range hood and new faucet have arrived, our new sink is on its way and our countertops are scheduled to be installed September 8. This weekend Jeff will start laying out and cutting tile for our new floor. It’s coming along! The worst part will be the few days between removing the current countertop and sink and the installation of their replacements. But that’s what an outdoor grill and paper plates are for!