Links I Like: 8.19.16

LIL_Week3Happy Friday! In Seattle, the trees are starting to say “autumn,” but the weather is most definitely saying “summer.” Again, in the delightful words of Cole Porter, it’s too darn hot. Here’s some nutrition news for your weekend reading:

Have a great weekend! I will likely spend most of mine sequestered in my air-conditioned home office—one of the two rooms in our house that has A/C—writing, writing, and then writing some more. Jeff will spend much of his weekend preparing to tile our kitchen floor, which means we are entering that annoying time of any kitchen remodel where the kitchen starts to become unusable (there’s a layer of stuff that has to go down on the floor, and dry, before the actual application of grout and tile can commence, which means no walking into the kitchen). On the plus side, the counter guys came out today to take measurements for our new Corian counter, so yay!