Links I Like: 9.9.16

nutrition newsHappy Friday! It is truly a happy Friday for me, because yesterday we had our new countertops (HI-MACS) and undermount sink (granite composite) installed, and by the time I get home today the plumber will have installed our new commercial-style faucet and new garbage disposal so we can actually use the new sink. Wednesday night, when Jeff took the crowbar to our old, horrid tile counter and overmounted scratched-and-stained enameled cast iron sink (man, that thing was heavy), I nearly cheered. Good riddance!

We still have to finish detail work, including choosing and installing tile for our backsplash, but at least the kitchen is now fully, 100 percent functional. I’ll wait for the details to wrap up before I do the “big reveal” post, so for now, here’s your weekly dose of nutrition news:

Have a great almost-fall weekend!