Links I Like: 9.30.16

nutrition newsHappy Friday! It’s good to not be traveling this weekend, even though I had an amazing time at both the California Walnut harvest tour in Sacramento and the Whole Grains Council conference in Chicago. I even had a little energy left to go to a Nordic cooking class sponsored by Siggi’s yogurt Wednesday after work (I’ll post about this on Monday). Good food, great information, and a fun time reconnecting with dietitians from Seattle and around the country that I already know and connecting with those I hadn’t met yet. Good times all around!

On the kitchen front, my ancient refrigerator (it has pink accents inside, so I’m guessing 1990’s…hard to say since it came with the house when we bought it 10 years ago) apparently decided it didn’t like being the oldest thing in our (almost) renovated kitchen, so it decided to die my last morning in Chicago…which meant that we went out to buy a new fridge as soon as I got home from the airport. Rather than wait two weeks for a delivery opening, Jeff picked it up from the warehouse yesterday (our neighbors kindly volunteered their young adult sons to help him get it into the house). It’s a beast (size wise), but it’s also a beauty. And with that, here’s some nutrition news for your weekend reading:

Have a fabulous weekend!