Links I Like: 10.28.16

nutrition newsHappy Friday! And a very special Friday it is, since it’s also my 20th wedding anniversary! One of the medical assistants in my office, who is newly engaged, asked me for words of wisdom. I was stumped at first, because how do you pin down what makes a marriage last, and last happily (other than those moments where you do sort of want to kill each other). I think it helps when you marry your best friend, have both shared and separate interests, have each other’s back always, and approach the inevitable rough patches (I mean, come on, we’re two strong-willed people) with a “we’ll work through this” mindset.

We’re staying in tonight (we’re dog sitting, so going out after work isn’t practical), and I’ll make risotto, a dish we had for the very first time during our lovely post-tying-the-knot lunch at a now-shuttered Italian restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, where we eloped. (We were living and working in New Jersey at the time, and New York was the only state in that area that didn’t require a blood test before getting married. We thought still requiring a blood test in 1996 was utterly stupid, so we rebelled. We were similarly less-than-enamored with the idea of having an actual wedding, thus the elopement. ) So, enough about me, now on to the links:

Have a fabulous and possibly spooky weekend!