Links I Like: 12.30.16


I’m back from Istanbul, albeit with a raging head cold (I actually stayed home sick today, which never happens) and the dreaded SSSS designation (from what I hear, this is commonly happens to people to travel to Turkey, and doesn’t last forever). Upon arriving back in the U.S. I “enjoyed” a full pat down (after going through the metal detector AND the body scanner) and stood there for a good half-hour while they swabbed everything in my carry-ons to look for explosives. Good times. In spite of that, I would happily visit Istanbul again. It’s a beautiful city, people were friendly (even the ones not trying to sell us carpets), and the food was divine.


Since this will be the last links post of 2016, I bucked up, grabbed my laptop, a box of tissue and a cup of hot tea, and settled down under a cozy blanket to gather up this round-up of nutrition news. Enjoy!

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